Zahir - Green means go

Zahir "Green means go" Digipak CD

Label: hyper.records
Released: 29.01.2007
Style: Garage Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Eagleheart
2. Betty Ford clinic
3. Classic
4. Poodle
5. Bob 60
6. Not enough ammo
7. Friday. 10 P.M. Suzy
8. Mop it!
9. Theyre coming
10. Ghostslider
11. Laundryday
12. Kick your ass!

Length: 45:54


Estonian cult underground garage rock.

“Zahir are garage punk and blues and, occasionally, stoner rock in possession of enormous testicles, and then some things I don’t even know to name; somewhat monotonous and absent, yet sufficiently hysterical and evil in a venomously green-tinted manner.” (Mart Kuldkepp, Eesti Ekspress)


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