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Znich "Pagan - Crosses" CD
Label Volh
Release date 2007
Style Pagan/Folk Metal
Country Valgevene
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Kryva-Kryveyta
2. Kryzhy-Abyaregi
3. Pad Chornay Vishnyoy
4. My Syny Vyalikikh Bagou
5. Oy Dymna Za Dvarom
6. Tseni
7. Belarus
8. Khay Palyubits
9. Chorny Znich
10. Paganski Vir
11. Yak Pushchu Stralu

Length: 47:15

New album of famous Pagan Folk Metal band from Belarus. “Pagan Crosses” combines catchy death metal sound with sharp guitar solos and beautiful folklore themes, performed with violin and native Kryvian folklore instruments, growling and clean folkish vocals. A must for fans of real (not senseless and polished) Slavonic Folk Metal!

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