Zodiac - A Hiding Place

Zodiac "A Hiding Place" CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2013
Style: Blues/Hard Rock
Country: Germany


1. Downtown
2. Free
3. Underneath My Bed
4. Leave Me Blind
5. Moonshine
6. Believer
7. I Wanna Know Part 1
8. I Wanna Know Part 2
9. Cortez The Killer (Neil Young Cover)



Bluesy hard rock from Germany. "A Hiding Place" continues Zodiac´s tradition of big riffs and mighty hooklines. Like no other band, Zodiac knows how to combine insanely-melodic guitar work, groovy drums and sweeping vocal lines to an unforgettable sound experience. This is where the best of the 70s meets the modern world.


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