Slayer - The Repentless Killogy

Slayer "The Repentless Killogy" BluRay

Plaadifirma: Nuclear Blast
Välja antud: 2019
Stiil: Thrash Metal
Riik: USA


Main feature:
- The Repentless Killogy (film)
- Live at The Forum in Inglewood, CA (21 songs)

Bonus feature:
- Repentless Animation



Revenge, murder, bloodshed, and retribution, the Slayer Repentless Killogy is a perfectly packaged story reflecting these values that most look down upon. This is the story of Wyatt who used to run with the wrong crowd. Wyatt is a former Neo Nazi associated with a gang known as “The Hand Brotherhood” whose signature mark is a bloody handprint left after a murder had taken place. Wyatt left his gang after he fell in love with Gina, a woman who saved his life after a brush with death from those who wanted revenge on him and his gang. Wyatt and Gina go into hiding to start a family and escape his tarnished past. The Hand Brotherhood are not going to let this happen. The Repentless Killogy Short Film is the combination of music videos from Slayer´s last full-length release “Repentless”, threaded through a film narrative that ends with Slayer performing a sold-out show at Los Angeles´ iconic Forum.


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