Rega - Fono MM

Rega "Fono MM" Eelvõimendi / Pre-amp

Plaadifirma: Rega


Toode saadaval tellimisel - teele saame panna (või tarnida meie Tulika 19 poodi) 3 päeva jooksul!
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The new Fono MM phono stage has been designed to be effective, easy to use, and above all, to reproduce music. The Fono MM uses a fully discrete, cascaded, complementary amplifier input stage, a configuration designed to optimise the performance of your moving magnet cartridge. Now housed in a brand new redesigned case to match the new Fono MC and Rega´s latest range of electronic components offering a modern and sleek look guranteed to integrate in to any hi-fi system.

- Input sensitivity = 1.7mV for 200mV output
- Input loading = 47KΩ in parallel with 100pF
- Maximum input level = 60mV at 1KHz
- Gain = 41.4dB at 1KHz
- Output impedance = 200Ω
- Recommended minimum output load resistance = 5KΩ
- Frequency response (50KΩ output load) = 15Hz (-3dB) to 100KHz (-0.2dB)
- RIAA accuracy (50KΩ output load) = better than +/-0.2dB 100Hz to 100KHz
- Power requirements = 24V AC at 80mA maximum.
- Only to be used with Rega PS1.


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