Uudised \ Uued LP-d ja CD-d 28.06.
Uued LP-d ja CD-d 28.06.
Acid Witch "Witchtanic Hellucinations" CD 2008/2012 (Hells Headbangers) 11.99 EUR osta
Cultes Des Ghoules "Henbane" CD 2013 (Hells Headbangers) 12.99 EUR osta
Death "Classic Logo" TS (Relapse) 17.99 EUR osta
Death "Human" LP 1991/2017 (Relapse) 21.99 EUR osta
Death "Human" Slipcase 2CD 1991/2011 (Relapse) 14.99 EUR osta
Death "Leprosy" LP 1988/2014 (Relapse) 21.99 EUR osta
Death "Scream Bloody Gore" LP 1987/2016 (Relapse) 21.99 EUR osta
Death "Scream Bloody Gore (Line Art)" TS (Relapse) 17.99 EUR osta
Death "Spiritual Healing" LP 1990/2014 (Relapse) 21.99 EUR osta
Dissection "The Past is Alive" TS (Hammerheart) 17.99 EUR osta
Ereb Altor "By Honour" CD 2008/2015 (I Hate) 12.99 EUR osta
Forgotten Woods "As The Wolves Gather" Digipak CD 1993/2017 (ATMF) 12.99 EUR osta
Grotesque "In The Embrace Of Evil" Gatefold LP 1996/2015 (Hammerheart) 16.99 EUR osta
Gruesome "Dimensions of Horror" MCD 2016 (Relapse) 11.99 EUR osta
Hades "...Again Shall Be" LP 1994/2017 (Hammerheart) 18.99 EUR osta
Hades "The Dawn Of The Dying Sun" LP 1997/2017 (Hammerheart) 18.99 EUR osta
Iced Earth "Incorruptible" CD 2017 (Century Media) 13.99 EUR osta
Iced Earth "Incorruptible (Deluxe)" Gatefold 2LP 2017 (Century Media) 28.99 EUR osta
Incantation "Mortal Throne of Nazarene" CD 1994/2013 (Relapse) 13.99 EUR osta
Kalmankantaja "Tyhjyys" CD 2016 (Wolfspell) 7.99 EUR osta
Lantern "II - Morphosis" LP 2017 (Dark Descent) 22.99 EUR osta
Master "Master (Deluxe Edition)" Digipak 2CD 1990/2017 (Hammerheart) 14.99 EUR osta
Merciless "Realm of the Dark / Behind the Black Door" CD 1987/1989 (666) 12.99 EUR osta
Mortician "Domain Of Death" Gatefold LP 2001/2016 (Hells Headbangers) 21.99 EUR osta
Obituary "Obituary" Digipak CD 2017 (Relapse) 13.99 EUR osta
Obituary "Obituary" LP 2017 (Relapse) 21.99 EUR osta
Pestilence "Malleus Maleficarum" CD 1988/1998 (Displeased) 11.99 EUR osta
Protector "Echoes From The Past..." CD 2003 (I Hate) 12.99 EUR osta
Qrixkuor "Three Devils Dance" LP 2016 (Invictus Productions) 18.99 EUR osta
Sarcofago "I.N.R.I." CD 1987/2012 (Cogumelo) 12.99 EUR osta
Sodom "Obsessed By Cruelty / Expurse Of Sodomy / In The Sign Of Evil" CD 1990 (Steamhammer / Metal Mania) 12.99 EUR osta
Solstice "Lamentations" Gatefold LP 1994/2017 (Cosmic Key Creations) 18.99 EUR osta