Aephanemer - Prokopton

Aephanemer "Prokopton" Gatefold LP

Plaadifirma: Napalm
Välja antud: 2019
Stiil: Melodic Death Metal
Riik: Prantsusmaa


Side A:
1. Prokopton
2. The Sovereign
3. Dissonance Within
4. Snowblind

Side B:
5. At Eternity´s Gate
6. Back Again
7. Bloodline
8. If I Should Die



The French melodic death metal underground couldn`t keep this one a secret for long: In March 2019, Aephanemer released their sophomore album, Prokopton, in an unbelievably successful DIY tour de force that managed to gather international acclaim! Juicy and driven death metal, including state of the art growls by frontwoman Marion Bascoul, meet anthemic keyboards and flickering twin leads – an exciting mixture that`s both technically superior and hauntingly epic.


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