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Iced Earth "Gettysburg (1863)" 2DVD
Plaadifirma SPV
Välja antud 2005
Stiil Power/Thrash Metal
Riik USA
Hind: 9.99 EUR


DVD 1:
The Devil To Pay
Hold At All Costs
High Water Mark
Gettysburg Battlefield Tour
Spirit of ‘76
Photo Gallery

DVD 2:
Video from ‘When The Eagle Cries’
Video from ‘The Reckoning’
Jon Schaffer interview

Plaadi pikkus: 03:00:00

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Iced Earth on sedapuhku võtnud endale ajalooõpetaja raske taaga ning jutustab kolme ekraniseeritud pala läbi kuulajale Ameerika kodusõjast ja Gettysburgi lahingust. Lisaks järgneb veel põhjalik intervjuu bändi liidri Jon Schaefferiga ja üht-teist huvitavat veel. Põrgulikult kaasakiskuv ja metalimaailmas üsnagi erakordne nähtus!!!


The first-ever Iced Earth DVD is one of a special kind. One can see it as an completion of the ‘The Glorious Burden’ album of 2003. Therein Jon Schaffer assimilated in a sensational way his interest in history, more particularly the American civil war. And what happens with something you are interested in passionately? You want to share this passion with other people. This ‘Gettysburg’ DVD was first released in the USA only, to make young people more conscious of their past, the history of their nation. Now it is followed by a limited European release. Those who are eager to find out more about this period in an interesting way, are able to learn a lot more right here.

On DVD1 one can find the three tracks of disc two of ‘The Glorious Burden’ under the moniker ‘Gettysburg’: ‘The Devil To Pay’, ‘Hold At All Costs’ and ‘High Water Mark’ can be heard while epic images of the battle of Gettysburg pass before our very eyes. There is an option where you can see the lyrics in English on the screen. And you can choose for the metal mix or the orchestral mix. But the most important audio fact is the possibility to hear it in dolby digital 5.1 now. Some of the fans may be disappointed at first to hear a history lesson in stead of the band performing on stage, but once you have peace with the idea of the educating purpose of this release, everyone should feel respect for this decision. Because the subject has been worked out in such a precise way that you feel it is done with heart and soul.

Some thoughts about the special features on DVD1: in the ‘Battlefield Tour’ Jon visits the place Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. Ted Gajewski, an official tourist guide, goes deeper into all kind of facets of the battle, based on the things Schaffer wrote in the three songs. Furthermore we got a shown over the place by Jon, sitting in his chair, telling us all about the art gallery of war Spirit of ’76 he started a few years ago. The aim is to wake the interest of youth in their history. And we have got a misty epic photo gallery with very nice moving pictures.

On DVD2 there are video clips of the songs ‘When The Eagle Cries’ and ‘The Reckoning’. The first one is filmed in an intimate way, with only vocalist Tim Owens and Jon Schaffer playing his guitar. The second one shows the whole band. Finally there is an interview with Schaffer where he tells fully out about the band, the project of ‘The Glorious Burden’ and Gettysburg itself. This is a wilful but admirable release. Seen from an historical point of view it is top class. Music-wise it does not add much to the magnificent oeuvre of the American band. So it depends on how you look at it, that is why it is impossible (and also absurd) to give this release a score.
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